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Avoiding, Reducing and Offsetting Fleet Emissions

LeasePlan, the world leading fleet management company, recognises that climate change is a global issue that requires local action. GreenPlan has been developed to help our customers better understand their fleet’s impact on the environment and to take positive action against climate change.

Responsible fleet managers can utilise GreenPlan to reduce costs through enhanced fuel efficiency, in turn helping with the global fight against climate change.

GreenPlan Principles

Avoid – Take practical steps to avoid vehicle CO2e emissions wherever possible.

Reduce – Minimise CO2e emissions that are produced in the operation of your vehicles.

Offset – Provide a simple way to offset remaining vehicle emissions..

GreenPlan and Greenfleet

GreenFleetLeasePlan is a proud Foundation Supporter of Greenfleet, having supported the organisation’s growth since its inception.

Greenfleet offsets greenhouse gas emissions by planting forests that soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Their forests are made up of a wide variety of Australian native trees that also help to reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and provide habitat for native animals.

Greenfleet has had  to  provide  guarantees  of  the  permanence  of  the  forests  and  proof  of ownership of  the carbon  that  is  held  within  it. It also  has  to  show  that  its  forest  plantings  are  additional  to business  as  usual,  so  you can  be  assured  that  you  are  making  a  real  difference  in  the  fight against  climate  change.

LeasePlan’s partnership with Greenfleet also extends to us offsetting the CO2e emissions of our own fleet of tool of trade cars.